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Here is an article about Carks shops from a Hambledonian back in 2003.
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Dad's (Frederick John Kershaw 1913 - 1966 born to Annie Warren  (born 1879 East Meon ,Hants) cousin MARGO is all we know and that the family were all around the Hambledon/Hascombe?Godalming/Guildford area. Margo  is definitely from the Warren side of the family and has the family looks/features.  The nursing badge is from where Margo qualified at one of the London County Council hospitals, but despite extensive searches of hospital badges (and having the photo scanned , professionally, to enlarge) contacting the Royal College of Nursing in Edinburgh and having the photo published in the Petersfield Post (some of the Warren family lived in East Meon before moving to Hascombe, Surrey) and sending the photo to the Surrey Advertiser (don't know whether it was published) - I still cannot find out which hospital or who Margo is. My Mother believed Margo went on to become a Queen Alexandra's Nurse but without a surname for her - I cannot trace any further regarding her career. But hopefully one day, I WILL find out just WHO she is!

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Entering the village from Denmead or Fareham the first landmark is Lotts Stores at the junction of West Street and Cams Lane. See map. It has a most interesting past.


For around a hundred and fifty years there was a forge at the foot of Cams Hill before the internal combustion engine displaced the horse by the motor vehicle. The earliest known blacksmith was Henry (Harry) Hammond (1775 - 1856) who worked the forge at the end of the 18th century. He was succeeded by his eldest son born in 1803, also called Harry. This Harry had no children so, when he retired about 1872, the business passed to his nephew George Abraham Lott (1842 - 1917). George Lott lived in Flint Cottage just up Cams Lane with his wife and three children.


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