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How We Travelled Back Then

After its recent exploration of farming, the Local History Group is turning to transport.
Here we introduce the subject and ask about your recollections, your photographs, and your other memorabilia — anything which shows how things have changed since our grand-parents' time, and how they are still changing.The plan is to hold another "pub hub" in the Autumn, and a bigger event next Spring, probably in the Village Hall. So how did we get about back then? How did we transport our shopping, or our goods, our
produce or our livestock? People have always had to cover considerable distances round here because Hambledon is not, and never has been, on a major trunk road or any sort of railway. Actually the village owes much of its character to its relative
remoteness — contrast Petersfield, say, or Droxford. Before car use became widespread Hambledon people had to walk, or ride, use a horse and cart,
or take a bus. The nearest train station was at Droxford. What can you remember about getting around that way? To help you remember, here are some photographs:

1. In Festive Mood for the coronation of George V,
]une 22" 1911 — Charles Briggs' omnibus which
used to run between Hambledon and Waterlooville
from the 1880s until it was replaced by a Ford
2. Mr and Mrs Edward Hartridge and their newly-
born child, pictured in the old Brewery Yard, set
off for the journey from Hambledon to Southwick
in 1903 (with grateful thanks to Geoff Hartridge).
3. Edith, Edward I-Iartridge's sister takes to the open
road with her husband Bert Dancer who hailed
from Worthing. Edith is in charge of the horn.
(with grateful thanks to Geoff Hartridge).
4. A day-tripping party from Hambledon in their
charabanc outside the Sydenharn steamer booking
office in Bournemouth 1919.

If anyone has original photos of any of these or other photographs of Hambledon's transport history please be sure to look them out and let us scan them for our history archive which will be on display at our next meeting. And if you have any comment or information on the photographs (like who's in the charabanc) then please do get in touch with either Martyn Kille or Caroline Lambert  through the webmaster
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