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Hambledon WI 100 years/HAS History
Group Event

On Saturday 15th September the Village Hall was full of people to see the wonderful displays by Hambledon WI and HAS Local History Group. 

Cream teas were enjoyed from mid-afternoon and drinks and nibbles in the evening.
The WI were celebrating their 100‘h anniversary since they became the tenth in the country to be founded. Their displays included information on the background and ethos of the WI and a well presented wartime rationing display with examples of the rations compared to an up-to-date shopping basket. There were two wonderful collections of photographs of various local WI occasions and activities, many in fancy dress and including people easily recognised. There was a table of many articles produced in craft classes by local WI members. Also, presented as a washing line, (with contrasting knickers each end of the period!) they displayed a 100-year time line of WI events compared with what happened in the world.

The Local History Group's displays concentrated on Hambledon's past shops and trades. There
were collections of old photographs displayed as roads, mainly East, West and High Streets, and
of the many shops and business long gone over the years. There were old albums, books and
ledgers and examples of information from trade directories and advertisements for Hambledon
businesses. Also displayed was a beautifully-painted map originally created for the millennium
exhibition. On the big screen on the stage ran a continuous slide show of more old pictures of

Fran and JJ were also present with their excellent collection of old Hambledon postcards and some interesting items of old shop equipment. During the afternoon people could take a break
from the displays and sit together and enjoy the very popular cream teas. In the evening visitors enjoyed a glass or two of wine and some nibbles.

The occasion was rounded off with a congenial discussion session about Hambledon WI and our
past shops and trades. Mavis told us about the Women's Institute nationally and how Hambledon became the tenth in the country. She gave us details about the WI's ethos and What it offered to interested people. Heather told us about her nearly 50 years With Hambledon W1 and of the many events including Fashion Shows, a Georgian Ball, a Hawaiian evening and visits to Denman, the WI's residential college. The talk turned to remembering the shops and businesses of the past and  many people joined in to tell of  what they remembered. Childhood memories gave us information, new in some cases, about the thriving village of 60 years ago and how things have changed over the years.
Much hard work went in to producing the displays and congratulations and thanks go to the WI team of Maris, Ann and Teresa and the Local History group for excellent event