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Some background on the folks above.

Alan Perkins, Paul Saunders, John Perkins lived in Barn Green Crescent, myself Janice Clay 

and Daphne (Baker) Ware (last picture) were in Stewart's Green, Bill Ware near 

Park House and Sue (Morris) Perkins originated from School Lane Denmead. 

We are all still in touch with Rob & Liz Baker, Weston near Petersfield, Janet Linter, 

Kingston, Surrey and Heather Bendall, Chicago USA who all visited Sydney

 last year and looking forward to seeing Julie & Freddie Eteles, Stewart's Green, 

Hambledon later this year. As you can see we grew up as a close knit community 

and have kept that for the past 50 yrs. My family go back over the last 200+ yrs plus

 from Hambledon and surrounding area. 

My brother and wife Derek, Brenda (Abbinett) Clay, both deceased, lived in Denmead 

and their children continue in Denmead and surrounding area.

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