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Hambledon can justly be proud of its world famous Cricket Club. Formed about 1750 it rapidly became the accepted authority and governing body of the game, formulating the rules and generally promoting the growth of club cricket. Whilst references to a game known as cricket were recorded far earlier than this date, there is no doubt that it was at Hambledon that the game was put on a firm organised basis. It is therefore fitting that the village be referred to as 'The Cradle of Cricket'. The performances of the Hambledon Club are widely known throughout the cricketing world. A memorial stone now stands on Broadhalfpenny Down near the Bat & Ball Inn where the original ground is still a cricket ground, although not that of the present Hambledon Cricket Club.

Today, Broadhalfpenny Down is the home of the Broadhalfpenny Brigands Cricket Club who play regular fixtures there throughout the season. The Brigands manage the ground and its facilities on behalf of the Broadhalfpenny Down Association (BHDA) which was formed in 1996 by the Brigands and Winchester College who own the ground. The BHDA aims to look after the long term future of the ground and to encourage young cricketers. It has members representing local, county and national cricket bodies as well as the Brigands and the College. The BHDA has recently built a fine new pavilion to replace the previous inadequate one which was in disrepair.

The Hambledon Cricket Club ground is nearer the village at Ridge Meadow on the way to Chidden about half a mile from the village, see the previous Spotlight page for more information. The Old Hambledonians Cricket Club play at Judge's Meadow, Leydene.

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